Hair Loss Integration

Hair Loss Integration Systems provide a solution for clients who may not necessarily be suitable for Hair Extensions. These systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK for people suffering from alopecia, thinning hair and hair that may be too short for extensions.

Crown Volumiser / Mesh Integration

You must be qualified in our celebrity weave or any sewn weave method before you are able to complete any Hair Integration Training.

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Men's Hair Replacement

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The Details

You will learn everything you need to know to become a Hair Integration Specialist including: health and safety; how to conduct a consultation; tailoring and placement of the systems; application, maintenance and removal of the systems; cutting and blending; aftercare; pricing; trade suppliers and discounts; marketing and insurance.

You will be provided with manuals, a certificate upon completion and a full professional training kit which includes everything you will need to apply, maintain and remove the tailored systems.

You will receive your manuals to look through and understand the theory before the course You will then attend one full day of practical training, followed by the completion of live models in your own time to achieve your qualification.

“Did my training with Emily last Sunday. Having previously trained with another company I felt far more confident this time around. She was so helpful and lovely. Would 100% recommend Maxwell Melia to anyone. Thank you for all of your advice and knowledge!”

Hair Loss Mesh Integration

The Hair Loss Mesh Integration System can be custom made as a complete system to fit any required area of coverage on the head. Once fitted, it gives the illusion of a full head of hair. The Hair Loss Mesh Integration System is more expensive and time consuming to apply than the Crown Volumiser System, but is suitable for a much wider range of clients with more complex requirements.

It is ideal for clientele with thinning hair, short hair all over the head or alopecia with up to 70% hair loss. If the client only has thinning or alopecia to the crown or parting area, they may be more suitable for the Crown Volumiser System.

Crown Volumiser System

The Crown Volumiser System can be custom made to the area of coverage required in the crown and parting area only. This system can be fixed in place or made easily removable on a daily basis. Once fitted, it gives the illusion of full hair around the crown and frontal areas. The Crown Volumiser System has a much faster application time and is more affordable than a full Hair Loss Mesh Integration System. However, there are some exclusions for this method.

It is ideal for clientele with thinning, alopecia or short hair around the parting and crown area only. The client must have healthy growth across the rest of the head for this system. If the client has alopecia, weak hair or hair too short to fit extensions to the rest of the hair, they would be more suited to the Hair Loss Mesh Integration System.

Men’s Hair Replacement

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